American Classic – Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Source:  Auntie Paulie in the 1970’s

Personal Notes:
Well, it was a Thursday night after a day of touring around town.  The usual question came up, “What’s for dinner?  I’m hungry!”.  Gulp, I had to come up with something fast, or the natives would become restless!  My aunt came to my aid and said, “Let’s make grilled cheese sandwiches, those are quick and delicious.”  “Yes, great idea!”  I quickly replied-once we ate these, it immediately reminded me of my childhood.  Sure, I’ve made these before for the kids, but it’s been a while.

We used what we call here, “Bauern Brot” which is a rustic farm bread, sliced it up, pulled out what I had in the fridge for cheese, which was Gruyere and Appenzeller cheese, warmed up the cast iron pan, and cooked away.  Enjoy, and remember, never forget the simple things!

Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Grilled Cheese Sandwich


Bread-hearty rustic style is delicious! Butter-for buttering the sides of bread
Cheese-nutty flavor such as Gruyere is great

Slice your bread to your desired thickness.  Slice the cheese alike-I like my bread sliced thin, and my cheese as well, but we decided to grade the cheese this night.  It seemed it was a good choice-the cheese melted evenly and well and gave the sandwich a creamy texture.

Butter your bread on the cooking sides only (or brush on melted butter as we chose to do.  I think by brushing on the butter you get more of a crispier finished product.)  line the cheese, close the bread to become a sandwich and cook in melted butter.  You can go light on the butter if you cook in a nice seasoned cast iron skillet, as it wont stick to the pan.

Slice and serve alone or with fruit, chips, or whatever you have on hand.

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