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Filled Braided Zopf Bread

Source:  Family friend cir. 2010 Print Recipe Filled Braided Zopf Bread Served to us the first time at a brunch, I was impressed! This is a swiss-staple on Sunday morning’s, but the filling added to the pleasures of this bread. I’d compare this bread to a challah, so light and fluffy. To intensify the effect …

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Naan Bread

Source:  family friend, cir. 2000’s Print Recipe Naan Bread A friend of ours invited us to her house for some authentic Indian cuisine. In advance, I accompanied her on a shopping trip to the local ethnic store to pick up what we needed, spices and what not. Naan was included in that list. The meal …

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Farmer’s Bread

Source:  A “Friend” about 2006 Print Recipe Farmer’s Bread I had been trying to successfully make bread for over 10 years when I learned this recipe. I had gone through 2 bread machines, and tried countless recipes. My girlfriend got this recipe from a friend who owns an Italian restaurant. This is a sure recipe …

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