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Pumpkin Cheesecake

Source:  Adapted from Martha Stewart Pumpkin Cheesecake So, are you in the mood for an excellent cheesecake?  This is a recipe I adapted from Martha Stewart years ago.  It’s always a staple at my Fall Chili gathering, and at Thanksgiving.  It’s unique due to the pumpkin that is added, as well, it has no sour …

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Schnecken (snails) or Nut Rolls

Source:  Switzerland Cookbook; cir.  a long time! Schnecken or Nut Rolls This is such a great little make.  I found it in a Swiss cookbook, hence the name which loosely means  snail.  No imagination needed to see why they named it after a schneckli.   The story on these delicious nut rolls was inspired from …

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French Press Coffee

French Press method What took Starbucks over 25 years to achieve, the world was introduced to coffee close to over a thousand years ago.  Found originally in Ethopia, then dominated by the Arabic culture, coffee was a substance defined early on as a drug.  The uses were limited to long hunting journeys and raiding expeditions.  …

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