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Spitzbub or Rascal-Cookies

It seems like a lot of effort to make these lovely cookies for a particular bad little boy in the family, but this was indeed the case for these Spitzbub cookies.  Loosely translated from Swiss-German to English, the name spitzbub means more or less, a clever little rascal.  I guess the name for the cookie …

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Easter Cookies

Easter Cookies Easter cookies are as good of an idea as Christmas cookies.  My daughter decided she wanted to make some for her friends before the last day of school, before the holiday.  She whipped up a batch of dough and began.  At her speed, a few hours later, she was done.  I helped her …

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Poppy Pendle’s Lemon Bars

Poppy Pendle’s Lemon Bars The most amazing lemon bar ever!  My daughter is into the book series, “The Power of Poppy Pendle”, it’s a book about a young girl who loves to bake, but she’s also blessed (or cursed) with the power of witchcraft.  At the end of this book is an accumulation of Poppy’s …

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