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After-Thanksgiving Turkey Pot Pie

Source:  Me; cir. 2000’s After Thanksgiving Mini-Pot Pies I was feeling rather ambitious after last year’s thanksgiving clean up.  I had quite a bit of meat left over, so I decided to make the filling for a pot pie and freeze it.  Now, several months later, I took my frozen pie filling out, de-thawed it, …

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Coconut Cream Pie

Heritage:  My Aunty Bruna:  About 2005 Coconut Cream Pie My mom and Aunty Paulie just left (March 2013) from a 3 week visit where we did lots of talking about food, meal planning, recipe sharing, and where I gained a lot of “hands on” experience! It was a joy to share, learn and to work …

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Apple Pie

Source:  my Mother cir.  1980’s Apple Pie Of course I have big shoes to fill when I ever attempt to make my own apple pie-as of course, the outcome is being compared to my mother’s. I’ve watched my mom make it a million times, and I’ve even made the dough w/ her. But somehow, it’s …

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