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Fruit porridge (Bircher Müsli)

Source: Adapted from “Good Things” cookbook Print Recipe Fruit porridge (Bircher Müsli) Author’s intro to Bircher Muesli, read it, you will love the dish more! “This raw fruit porridge, more appetizingly known as Bircher muesli, makes a luxurious breakfast dish. It was invented by Dr. Bircher-Benner, pioneer of food reform, for patients at his Zurich …

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Apple Pie

Source:  my Mother cir.  1980’s Print Recipe Apple Pie Of course I have big shoes to fill when I ever attempt to make my own apple pie-as of course, the outcome is being compared to my mother’s. I’ve watched my mom make it a million times, and I’ve even made the dough w/ her. But …

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Apple Crumble Pie

Source:  Gordon Levitt:  2012 Print Recipe Apple Crumble Pie I was inspired by Gordon’s simple recipe for this apple crumble. He demonstrated making the crumble in a layered effect, and it looked easy and delicious. I was pleased with this recipe. I think you will be pleased with it too! Course 3 Dessert/pudding Cuisine American …

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