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Quick Fresh Fruit Jelly

Source: My mother-in-law about 1990’s. Quick Fresh Fruit Jelly My mom and I have been making jellies and spreads for years now-with having a nice sizey organic orchard, we had the benefits of having bushels of ripe fruit at once. It was always a 2-3 hour labor intensive process, but the outcome was always worth …

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Biscuit Roll with Whip Cream and Fresh Fruit

Source:  sister-in-law (Beerli) cir.  2000’s Biscuit Roll with Whip Cream and Fresh Fruit My sister-in-law in Switzerland made this cake and brought it to my house. My mom was visiting at the time, and she and I both agreed after tasting this, we must learn this recipe. It was light, very full of taste and …

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Strawberry-Rose Cupcakes

Source:  Internet:  Circ.  2010 Strawberry Cupcakes We found this recipe online on a foodie site, it looked delicious and the “rose” enticed us. My daughter made the first, second and third batch. I’d say they are well loved by friends and family and they have now become known as “Clara’s cupcakes”. Give them a go! …

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