Biscuit Roll with whipped cream and Fruit

Biscuit Roll with whipped cream and fresh or frozen Fruit (Strawberries)

Source:  sister-in-law Salvatrice (Silvia) about 2000’s

Personal Notes:
My sister-in-law in Switzerland made this cake and brought it to my house.  My mom was visiting at the time, and she and I both agreed after tasting this, we must learn this recipe.  It was light, very full of taste and looked a bit complicated.  My sister-in-law has evolved into a talented baker, and she impressed upon us that this was a very easy cake.  My mom being my mom, insisted I call her to learn how to make this.  So we did-needless to say, it is very easy, and we had a great time w/ her as she taught us the simple steps of this biscuit.  A few tips were necessary to learn (by trial and error) and her steps insured a successful outcome w/ the roll.  Try it, and play around with your ingredients for the roll.  The biscuit is the same, but the inner is what you can experiment with.  Enjoy!

Biscuit with whipped cream and strawberries


Biscuit: Cream & Fruit filling:
100 gr. sugar 1 pint heavy cream
4 Egg yolks 1 package of fresh or frozen berries
Juice from lemon and rind from lemon 4 tsp. powder sugar
4 egg whites
2 Tbs. powder sugar
90 gr. flour

Break this down into 3 steps:

  1. Preparation of the egg yolk
  2. Preparation of the egg white
  3. Combining the above with the flour to form the dough

Begin with egg yolks.  Whip on high speed until it begins to cream and foam.  Add sugar, and continue for about 3 more min.  Set aside.

Beat egg whites until firm, then add your powder sugar and you might opt for a pinch of salt.

Now, you have your completed egg mixtures, and you combine the whites in the yolks by folding w/ a plastic spatula.  Add your flour and lemon ingredients and mix until well combined.

Take an oven tray and line it with baking paper.  Heat your oven to 220°C., and pour the dough on the baking paper.  Spread evenly with a spatula, and bake in oven for 6 min. or until lightly golden brown.

Have another baking sheet lined with baking paper right next to you when you take out the baked biscuit.  Flip the hot one face-down to the other paper.

Family secret: Have yourself a towel wet with cold water and rung out ready to put over the biscuit which is laying face down and has the baking paper on top. Cover paper with wet towel and see the steam rising. Let it sit for about 3-5 min.  This step ensures you to properly remove the baking paper without taking off the layer of cake with it.

Have your filling ready to use as soon as the paper comes off the biscuit.  Take a spatula and evenly spread on the filling.  Once finished, begin to roll.  Once finished, and roll is cooled, sprinkle with powder sugar and refrigerate.  Serve chilled.