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Herbs lead to teas, tinctures, illness & cure

Herbs for Tea’s

Over the past years of living in Europe where rain and moisture have been in abundance, herbs pop up all throughout the year (not so much in Winter…).  A total contrast compared to normal seasons in California.  Once you get past June, most everything is dead and barren in the California nature. These new surroundings …

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Last chance for Fall

We’re approaching the last week of September.  The nightly temperature is now dipping below 10 degrees Celsius.  The days are starting off foggy and colder, and sun is a rarity. This means, it’s the last chance to gather up your herbs for the winter. Decide which herbs you want during winter.   Cut what you …

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Herbs in Nature

Look all around you when you are outside, walking in nature.  What I used to think were simple “weeds”, I’ve come to realize were all put there for a reason…to heal. The simplest of herbs, the common Dandelion is host to multiple healing possibilities and well known to Herbalists around the world as the best …

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