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Share your recipes that are special to you and your family

Pasta Fresca (fresh pasta)

Source:  Mom; cir. 1980’s pasta fresca Home-made pasta has been in my life since as long as I can remember.  My fondest memories are when my Nonni would make home-made pasta for a holiday as the family would gather around and devour it.  Growing up, my mom would make home-made pasta on occasion, and I …

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Kanton Breads

Nonni’s Twists (cookies)

Nonni Clara:  Cir. 1950’s Nonni’s Twists Yes, these are as proper and delicious as they look!  Doesn’t the picture of these little twists look like proper ladies with their legs crossed?  I so remember these cookies from my childhood.  My Nonni was a northern Italian living in a quaint, neat cottage in Anaheim, California.  Her …

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