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Vegetarian Cabbage Rolls

Source:  Me; cir. 2000’s   Vegetarian Savoy Cabbage Rolls As you can see in my picture below, the savoy cabbage was delivered in my vegetable box and thus inspired this recipe.  Yes, I’ve been making cabbage rolls for years, and before me, my mom.  It was always a New Year’s day meal, made special with …

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Wild Deer (Venison) Meatball Stew

Source:  Me; cir. 2017 Wild (Venison) Meatball Stew I’m venturing out of my little box and trying to find nice versions of cooking venison.  As I mentioned in my previous wild post, this meat is extremely lean and is from the Fall, 2017.  Meatball stew over rice is a very satisfying dish.  The meatballs are …

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Italian Stewed Chicken

Source:  Nonni ca. 1980’s. Stewed Chicken in Tomato Sauce This is a wonderful peasant style dish from Italy. It gives you many possibilities when the dish is finished to serve it with rice, spaghetti, polenta, or to accompany a brilliant risotto. My mom used to make this dish on the weekends, when we had family …

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