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Fried Rice Balls

Source:  Giovanni, about 1970’s. Fried Rice Balls My Italian friend from the central part of Italy told me about this recipe. He said it’s very common for the “mama’s” to make a second dish with the left-over risotto the next day. I finally gave it a try-though this wasn’t with risotto, but left over rice …

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Neuchatel Taillaule Bread

Source:  Union des paysannes neuchateloises Taillaule bread The history of this bread dates back a few hundred years.  This was a typical bread made in the French part of Switzerland.  The story is, it was baked on the hot stones in the wood ovens and sliced on the top to form the “zig-zag” deco when …

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Delicious Beet Salad-with Fresh Mint

Source:  Myself; cir. 1997 Delicious Beet Salad-with fresh mint Guarantee: You will never buy a can of beets again! When our farmer grew the crop of beets in our field, I was so intrigued with their appearance, that I had to find a way to cook them, rather than toss them. I had very little …

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