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Last chance for Fall

We’re approaching the last week of September.  The nightly temperature is now dipping below 10 degrees Celsius.  The days are starting off foggy and colder, and sun is a rarity. This means, it’s the last chance to gather up your herbs for the winter. Decide which herbs you want during winter.   Cut what you …

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What Every Garden Needs

What Every Garden Needs Insects are in trouble.  We hear about the falling population in the bees, but we have more pollinators which also are in need of our attention.  Wild honey bees, butterflies, bumble bees, and any insect really which hops, drops or flies from flower to flower are all important in our food …

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Fall Duties in the Garden

It’s the first few days in September now, and the season is beginning to change.  The days stay longer, shorter.  The nights cool off after a warm day of the shining sun.  The mornings are much cooler than the last 16 weeks have been. The word, “jacket” is entering your mind!  You begin wearing your …

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