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From natural remedies made from scratch, to home made soaps, cleansers and body scrubs.

Red Hot Spicy Oil

Source: Rochelle 2015 The Trinidad Scorpion, The 7 Pot…just a few of the spicy pepper varieties I picked up in my local shop.  Turns out there’s a rating scale called the Scoville scale.  The units or scale ranges from 0-2,480,000…all based on the intensity of the little seeds which produce the heat. My little babies …

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Home-Made Croutons

Never buy pre-made, packaged croûtons from the store again!  Here’s why, it’s too simple not to make yourself. For best results, follow these simple steps.  When finished, you can serve, or store in an air-tight container for a while. Directions:  Cube your dry bread.  You can determine how big or how small. Put in a …

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Pancake & Waffle Base Mix

Source:  Nonni, about 2000 Pancake & Waffle Base Mix My mom adapted this recipe, and it has been a wonderful pancake/waffle experience since. Probably around the year 2000, I broke my dependency to Bisquick. Before this, I thought the only way I could make pancakes or waffles was with Bisquick. It was then that I …

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