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Crempog Las

Source: Adapted from the cookbook, “Good Things”, Jane Grigson 1970 Print Recipe Crempog Las I have this wonderful older cookbook from Jane Grison. This recipe looked oddly familiar to me, even though I’ve never been to Wales. It turns out, that this recipe, also called Pancos and Cramoth, is one of the oldest recipes in …

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Filled Braided Zopf Bread

Source:  Family friend cir. 2010 Print Recipe Filled Braided Zopf Bread Served to us the first time at a brunch, I was impressed! This is a swiss-staple on Sunday morning’s, but the filling added to the pleasures of this bread. I’d compare this bread to a challah, so light and fluffy. To intensify the effect …

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Swiss Barley Soup or “Gerstensuppe”

Source:  Beerli Family cir. 1970 Print Recipe Barley Soup or “Gerstensuppe” In Switzerland, this soup becomes a staple during the cold winter months. People also consider this a special enough meal to be included on their Christmas menu’s. Hearty, wholesome, warm and immensely satisfying are they words best to describe this soup. Additionally, barley is …

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