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Swiss Bread: Chapter 5 “Basler Brot”

The ‘Basler Brot’ also called “Basler Laibli” was made popular in the 1940’s, but the recipe was first found in the late 1700’s in an old  baking journal.   This bread is also one of the few Swiss breads made with  a starter-that is a special mixture of dough left out overnight to grow and enrich …

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Swiss Bread: Chapter 4 “Tessiner Brot”

Quite possibly, one of my favorite breads!  For my family, this bread is special because it’s unlike our normal daily bread.  As you’ve read from previous posts, we like the darker breads made with Ruchmehl (or wholegrain flour).  But, when a tessiner brot comes into our house, it has a very short life span.  It’s …

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Swiss Bread: Chapter 3 “St.Galler Brot”

St. Galler Brot from the bakery Hächler This is one of our family favorites…maybe because my husband came from this canton and it was one of the first Swiss bread’s I tasted, or maybe because it really is a fine bread.  It’s different from the other’s in the sense that it’s a dense bread, yet …

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