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Fried Rice Balls

Source:  Giovanni, about 1970’s. Fried Rice Balls My Italian friend from the central part of Italy told me about this recipe. He said it’s very common for the “mama’s” to make a second dish with the left-over risotto the next day. I finally gave it a try-though this wasn’t with risotto, but left over rice …

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Pumpkin and Gruyère dip

Source: Adapted from the cookbook, “The Organic Seasonal Cookbook”- 2007 Pumpkin and Gruyère dip This recipe means to me, fall. My favorite season of the year. Why? Because I love the decor of fall that nature just hands us. The changing of the leaves, the pumpkins and the finale of the growing season. This dip …

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Spinach Quiche

Source: Mom cir. 1980’s Spinach Quiche I do remember my mom making quiche as a young person. It was normally in the summer months when cooking in general was a push because the weather was so warm in California. But, quiche for me usually comes during the late summer to early fall months, when I need …

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