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Swiss breakfast

A Swiss breakfast is something I crave.  The tradition was first introduced into my every day life almost 25 years ago, when my lovely mother-in-law invited us to her home in Greece for a first-time visit and a little holiday.   I arose the proceeding morning to the lovely smell of coffee, which excitedly lead me …

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Potato-Flour Dinner Rolls

Source:  Family Recipe   Potato Flour Bread Rolls The idea came from the fact that I have a 10# bag of potato flour sitting in my cellar, and to tell you the truth, the weather is cold and wintry outside, and I wanted to bake!  So, looked up our family recipe for dinner rolls, made …

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Cornbread (or muffins)

Source:  adapted from Martha Stewart’s: cir. 2017 Cornbread (and muffins) It’s the beginning of November, and it’s the season for my Chili party.  I try to do it every year for my family here, because it reminds them of “home”.  So, I fire up my 2 large stock pots and make two different types of …

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