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Potatoes au gratin

Potatoes au gratin: 2018 Potatoes au gratin It’s said that the first mention of this lovely French dish was in the 1700’s when it was first documented in the menu planning for the French Lieutenant’s.  It was known throughout France as the sunday dish that the women prepared before leaving for church, and let it …

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Beef Burger-Kraut Style

Beef Burgers:  Source:  the world! cir; 2000’s Beef Burger Burgers, as we American’s call them, have a rich history indeed, and to many this will be a surprise when they learn that America’s best loved meal was not an American discovery, but rather a German one.  As the story goes,  in the 1850’s, a ship …

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Pasta Fresca (fresh pasta)

Source:  Mom; cir. 1980’s pasta fresca Home-made pasta has been in my life since as long as I can remember.  My fondest memories are when my Nonni would make home-made pasta for a holiday as the family would gather around and devour it.  Growing up, my mom would make home-made pasta on occasion, and I …

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