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Swiss Barley Soup or “Gerstensuppe”

Source:  Beerli Family cir. 1970 Print Recipe Barley Soup or “Gerstensuppe” In Switzerland, this soup becomes a staple during the cold winter months. People also consider this a special enough meal to be included on their Christmas menu’s. Hearty, wholesome, warm and immensely satisfying are they words best to describe this soup. Additionally, barley is …

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Chicken Laksa

Source: Adapted from “The Organic Seasonal Cookbook” Print Recipe Chicken Laksa This recipe is an example of taking a basic recipe and applying it to what you have stocked in the house. It was a cold, gray, snowy day and I was fighting a cold. I was in the mood for something warm inside and …

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Chicken Base and Soup

Source:  Rochelle 2011 Print Recipe Chicken Base and Soup Chicken Soup base with self made chicken stock. So this recipe is not at all hard to crack. I think it’s a cumulative recipe, meaning I’ve picked up tips on what to do from my mom, Martha Stewart, and from other various celeb. chef’s. Simply take …

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