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Cornbread (or muffins)

Source:  adapted from Martha Stewart’s: cir. 2017 Cornbread (and muffins) It’s the beginning of November, and it’s the season for my Chili party.  I try to do it every year for my family here, because it reminds them of “home”.  So, I fire up my 2 large stock pots and make two different types of …

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Refried Mashed Beans

Source:  Rochelle; cir. 2000’s Refried Beans I hesitate to call them re-fried beans, but that’s what I know them as. This recipe is as simple as pie. Again, this recipe is inspired to become more self-dependent and not reliant on the grocery store and canned goods. Be sure you have yourself a good pressure cooker …

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Quick Fresh Fruit Jelly

Source: My mother-in-law about 1990’s. Quick Fresh Fruit Jelly My mom and I have been making jellies and spreads for years now-with having a nice sizey organic orchard, we had the benefits of having bushels of ripe fruit at once. It was always a 2-3 hour labor intensive process, but the outcome was always worth …

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