Category: Spring Garlic

Sauteed Winter Greens

Source:  Mom;  cir. forever!   Print Recipe Sauteed Winter Greens This recipe was inspired from the childhood memories of my mom sautéing spinach and mushrooms. I loved this dish. I think I loved the mushrooms more than the spinach, but either way, it was usually served with a chicken dish and mashed potatoes. This was …

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Yogurt Cucumber Dip

Source: Adapted from ‘The New Vegetarian Epicure’ cookbook Print Recipe Yogurt Cucumber Dip With all the delicious cucumbers around, this recipe allows for good use of them. This recipe is fresh, light and perfect for accompanying with pita bread, or chicken skewers. I’ve noticed that when I have this nice cooling dip around accompanied with …

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Spring(wild) Garlic Pesto

Spring (wild) garlic pesto Source:  Switzerland  About  forever! Personal Notes: Wild garlic “Bärlauch” is the first sign of spring around here.  This is what they call the wild garlic, or spring garlic.  If you walk in the forest around here, or just look in people’s yards, you will see this particular leaf everywhere!  You should …

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