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Vegetarian Cabbage Rolls

Source:  Me; cir. 2000’s   Vegetarian Savoy Cabbage Rolls As you can see in my picture below, the savoy cabbage was delivered in my vegetable box and thus inspired this recipe.  Yes, I’ve been making cabbage rolls for years, and before me, my mom.  It was always a New Year’s day meal, made special with …

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Soba Salad

Source:  Mayumi’s Kitchen Macrobiotic Cookbook Soba Salad with Asian Style Dressing I love cooking like this.  Fresh veg, noodles, with a great Asian style sauce.  I love arranging it, I love eating it.  Whenever I cook like this, the yin/yang take over in me.  I must have the proper balance of crunchy and soft; spicy …

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Vegetable Burrito’s

Source:  Mayumi’s Kitchen Macrobiotic Cooking Vegetable Burrito’s with Green Lentils This is a great, fresh food to prepare for your family. I have another post for burritos on the site, but you can see the two pale in comparison. I must say, I prefer this light Macro-Burrito. If you have never made a balsamic reduction, …

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