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Wild Deer (Venison) Meatball Stew

Source:  Me; cir. 2017 Wild (Venison) Meatball Stew I’m venturing out of my little box and trying to find nice versions of cooking venison.  As I mentioned in my previous wild post, this meat is extremely lean and is from the Fall, 2017.  Meatball stew over rice is a very satisfying dish.  The meatballs are …

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After-Thanksgiving Turkey Pot Pie

Source:  Me; cir. 2000’s After Thanksgiving Mini-Pot Pies I was feeling rather ambitious after last year’s thanksgiving clean up.  I had quite a bit of meat left over, so I decided to make the filling for a pot pie and freeze it.  Now, several months later, I took my frozen pie filling out, de-thawed it, …

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Asian Style Vegetable Soup

Source:  Me; cir. 2012 Asian Style Vegetable Soup I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but Asian food is one of my favorite cuisines to cook.  It’s so simple (my version), but so full of fresh vegetable ingredients.  I find the possibilities are limitless when I’m inspired.  Noodles usually have a role in my version …

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