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Source:  Nonni cir. 1970’s Print Recipe Fritatta Left-overs in an italian’s kitchen quickly become a Fritatta. It’s just a fact of life that old Italian women or men who cook for their family live for the moment when they can put a fritatta together for dinner, and kill the night before’s left-overs too. Often there …

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Green Pea Soup

Source:  Mom, 2000 Print Recipe Green Pea Soup Italians love soup. It’s so multi-purposed, it’s hard to begin describing why. But, I’ll keep it simple. It’s a great source for using your left-over ingredients. It’s a great meal to feed the family on a moderate budget, and it warms us up from the inside out. …

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Chicken Pot Pie

Source:  Aunty Paulie about 2010 Print Recipe Chicken Pot Pie My mom and aunt(y) were visiting from California. We’ve spent a lot of time in the kitchen. While sitting around the table discussing meals, my aunt said she would make a chicken pot pie – an all American favorite! I’ve never had a home-made version. …

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