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Spinach Quiche

Source: Mom cir. 1980’s Print Recipe Spinach Quiche I do remember my mom making quiche as a young person. It was normally in the summer months when cooking in general was a push because the weather was so warm in California. But, quiche for me usually comes during the late summer to early fall months, when …

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Source:  Nonni cir. 1970’s Print Recipe Fritatta Left-overs in an italian’s kitchen quickly become a Fritatta. It’s just a fact of life that old Italian women or men who cook for their family live for the moment when they can put a fritatta together for dinner, and kill the night before’s left-overs too. Often there …

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Ostrich Egg, Scrambled

Source:  husband Marcel 2013 Print Recipe Ostrich Egg, Scrambled Tasting an Ostrich egg was always something my husband wanted to do. As it turns out, we have an Ostrich farm about 10 min. from us in Switzerland. He put in his order for 1 Ostrich egg in the fall of 2012, and in the Spring …

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