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We ordered & picked up our fresh bird from an all organic farm(Wendelinhof) in the neighboring town which raises turkeys. Now our meal was ready to begin. An American tradition, dating back to the first celebrated Thanksgiving in 1621, which was attended by the two most important breeds in the new world-the demure, white European Pilgrims, and the wild, pesky Native’s. Old meets new? Old meets old? Who’s to say. It took almost 150 years more to officiate this feast by declaring it a federal holiday in 1863. What it has evolved into following another 150 years has remained a true day of feast. The feast dictates the day, and if you’re luck enough to celebrate with family and friends, the day is even more worthy. I think our Thanksgiving menu has always been a mix of the original, “old meets new”. My mother incorporated her heritage with the american wayWe always had a touch of Italian in our menu-Risotto, ravioli’s, canoli, biscottiit was always felt. If you have a strong family heritage as well, for sure incorporate it into your holiday menu. Seguro, over the years we update our recipe options: maybe one year will be a chestnut-stuffed bird, or maybe candied sweet potatoes, or a mashed carrot side dish-but the meal is certainly reflective of the seasonal harvest of the fall. Zanahorias, shallots, cebollas, patatas, cruciferous veg, pumpkins, and the main eventthe bird.

I love turkey’s. I think they are incredibly intelligent creatures and again, I feel guilt when I put one on my menu, but there is a special place in my heart for the Thanksgiving bird. In a guilt easing approach to this yearly tradition, I try to out-source my bird from a local grower, rather than from a large super market chain. My hopes are that he or she has lived a wonderful life, eating drinking and being merry until the month of November arrivesBelieve me, the taste will be observed from a happy, well raised bird. This year, our turkey was slaughtered on Wednesday morning, and we cooked it the next day. The meat was so tender and juicy and she was cooked to perfection. My steps in cooking the bird were pretty simple. I took her out of the bag, put her on the working board and began to butter, stuff and season her up. I followed the basic baking guide based on the weight, and she cooked for about 2 horas, and sat covered for 20 acta. I did not open the oven door at all during the roasting process. Just let her sit in the wine juices and the butter while she cooked and crisped. Very simple, if you ask me!

Menu for Thanksgiving 2017: celebrated over the pond, in Europe.

  • Organic Turkey (4.5kg=8.5lbs), butter rubbed and herbed
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Red caramelized onions with sliced carrots
  • Brussel sprouts cooked with chunks of organic ‘bacon
  • Stuffing made with fresh French bread, ajo, dried apricots, celery, celery root, Italian sausage and turkey hearts
  • Served with a warm hearty red wine

Get creative, have fun, and make some memories through celebrating your heritage.


 Roasting Time (Unstuffed)Roasting Time (Stuffed)
10 a 18 libras3 a 3-1/2 horas3-3/4 a 4-1/2 horas
18 a 22 libras3-1/2 a 4 horas4-1/2 a 5 horas
22 a 24 libras4 a 4-1/2 horas5 a 5-1/2 horas
24 a 29 libras4-1/2 a 5 horas5-1/2 a 6-1/4 horas
Cooking a turkey

Pan suizo: Capítulo 5 "Basler Brot"

Basler bread

The ‘Basler Brotalso calledBasler Laibliwas made popular in the 1940’s, but the recipe was first found in the late 1700’s in an old baking journal. This bread is also one of the few Swiss breads made with a starter-that is a special mixture of dough left out overnight to grow and enrich itself for the big day of being combined to start the new bread. This mother process ensures a light airy bread with distinct flavor. Both of which can be found in the Basler. The other unusual process with this bread is that it uses a lot of water for the dough. The dough, once formed, is left to sit and rise on a wooden board. Once it’s risen, it’s then molded into the oval shaped and sent to bake. The crunchy crust of this bread is achieved through a damp baking process. Thus ensures this very special ending-the crunch is heard upon the first bite, but the soft airy center gives way-and I’m pretty certain when I say, you will never forget the taste of this lovely, lovely bread!

*Basler Brot is made with Ruchmehl (wholegrain flour) or halbweiss (half dark-half white).


(to give a visual to my description of an airy bread, compare to the right, the St. Galler Brot-see the difference?)

de la panadería Rüebliland

Pan suizo: Capítulo 4 "Pan Ticino"

pan por encima de Wirth Beck, parte inferior de Coop grocerystore.

Muy posiblemente, uno de mis panes favoritos! Para mi familia, este pan es especial porque es a diferencia de nuestro pan de cada día normal,. Como usted ha leído de los mensajes anteriores, nos gustan los panes oscuros hechos con Ruchmehl (o harina integral). Pero, cuando un Brot Tessiner entra en nuestra casa, tiene una vida útil muy corta. Es delicioso cuando es fresca y, a veces, si tienes suerte, calentar.

el Beaneater

El ‘Tessiner Brot’ proviene de la región Tesino, que es la región italiana de Suiza. Si alguien sabe algo de italiano, es que les encanta su suave, pan blanco artesiano. Usted es presionado bastante difícil de localizar otras variedades de pan a través de las pequeñas panaderías de la ciudad en Italia…es sólo un hecho. El ‘Pan Tesinés’ tiene una historia bastante larga data en Suiza, e incluso se ha mostrado en el cuadro pintado por el artista italiano Annibale Carracci de, ‘El Beaneater’ en 1584. El pan también se dice que se han llevado originalmente a Suiza desde Italia, y fue hecho en 1kilo (2lb) panes, y se vende como el cliente de desear, ya sea en piezas, o mitades, o totalidades-cualquiera que sea el tamaño adecuado al cliente la pieza a continuación se rompió y se envolvió para ir. Aparentemente, este pan consiguió es renacimiento en los últimos años traer de vuelta a la popularidad en la década de 1950, cuando se presentó oficialmente como el pan de Ticino.

De nuevo, el pan es especial. Toda la experiencia de parar en una panadería, ver las delicias del día, la selección de su elección y la envoltura para el camino a casa…todo es parte del resultado final. Algo me gustaría que tan estadounidense pudieron disfrutar de, no importa donde usted vive. Esto es, en mi opinión, negándonos de los placeres simples de la vida.

de la panadería Wirth

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