Fried Chicken Cutlets

Fried Chicken Cutlets

Source:  My mom about 1970’s.

Personal Notes:
I don’t care what any of you say, it takes a talent and art to properly fry foods.  I never find myself successful at it.  Either my oil is a mess, or my topping comes off, or my oil dries up, or whatever…it was always something.

Upon my parent’s big visit to us, the kids were already naming off what they wanted Nonni to make for them.  This recipe was top on their list-so much that my mom did it twice for us…it’s a bit time consuming and labor intensive with the amounts we did, but keep it simple with doing just 4 cutlets, rather than the 60 she did!  Enjoy.

Chicken breast parts/no bone Bread Crumbs
4-6 Eggs (more if you are frying a lot of meat) Canola or Sunflower oil (look for a high-heat oil to avoid toxicity)
Flour Salt/pepper to taste


Chicken Preparation:

Buy your chicken breasts preferably boneless.  Wash them with cold water and lay them to dry on a paper towel.

Begin to split horizontally each breast in half.

Hammer the meat individually-this thins the piece and makes it nice and long-which is perfect to fry.

Batter Preparation:

Have 1 large bowl, plus 2 plates ready

In your bowl, mix the quantity of eggs that you feel you will need.  This is your base, so you will need not to skimp on the eggs.

Have a plate with fresh bread crumbs, and another plate with non-bleached flour.

Have your frying pan ready with about 2” of oil warm and ready to work!  (cast iron, or of chef quality is recommended.  Avoid Teflon in general, but especially when frying and using high heat, as the Teflon coating is very toxic-no matter what they say!)


  1. Coat your filet first with flour
  2. Dip coated filet in eggs, well coat with eggs
  3. Your final coat is with the bread crumbs.  Be generous and once evenly coated, put in frying pan and fry up for about 4 min. per side if cuts of meat are thin.

Continue process until done.  You will need to renew the oil when it begins to get full of debris, simply pour the hot oil into a coffee can or glass jar which will be discarded after use.  Or, you can pour it in a bowl with paper towels-the towels will absorb the oil, then you can toss the towels in the waste.

While you are frying multiples, keep finished cutlets in a warm oven on a platter.

Serve when finished.

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