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…a light sprinkling of powder sugar. So many options, so many flavors. I’ve even seen the crepe stands in Switzerland serving up the crepe with nutella inside! So, the perfect crepe recipe, along with your ‘seasoned’ crepe pan, indeed two partners for life. Print Pin…

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Flaedli Soup

flaedli soup

…minutes Ingredients 4-6 pieces chicken for stock 6 cups water for soup 1 batch crepes made and sliced 1 bunch parsley diced for garnish Instructions make the crepes for the soup.  set aside.  sliced in strips chicken stock soup, added crepes and garnished with parsley…

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New Year’s Eve Dinner 2019

New Year's meal

…So, here’s the menu: A fresh winter salad with home-made croutons, and a hard boiled egg. Flädli Soup This is a simple, light bouillon soup with cut savory crepes. This soup is more of a German soup, but Europe has adapted it as their own…

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