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Source:  Rochelle cir. 1990’s Crepes Crepes Crepes by definition are a thin, light pancake. There are usually two versions of this, either sweet or savory which makes it a galette. My version here, is the sweet one. I’ve been working with this recipe for almost two decades. It’s almost as great as my special crepe pan, because you need one of those to have the full authentic effect of a crepe. The pan is made of iron, and has…

Flaedli Soup

flaedli soup

Source: Rochelle 2018 light chicken broth with crepes cut in and fresh parsley Flädli or Flaedli Soup Flaedli Soup (Flädli) is a traditional German soup, and quite obviously, a super simple and cute idea. Though this is a German soup, the Swiss love it too. I don’t think you’ll meet a Swiss who doesn’t love Fladli. You can almost imagine its origins. I’m guessing somewhere in the higher lands of Germany. This warm soup…