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Timetable for Roasting a Turkey

Stuffed bird ready for roasting

turkey roast. I think you’ll find each one to be a bit different, (turkey posts) Now, see below a few guidelines and a timetable to roast your turkey. Guidelines Basting: No, you do not need to baste. Convection ovens will sear the turkey very quickly,…

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Turkey and Stuffing 2017

The Turkey Details One of the most important things I think for a successful turkey meal, is a high-quality turkey.  We ordered ours, and picked it up 24 hours after slaughter.  It was extremely fresh, and ready to be seasoned, stuffed and baked.  I learned…

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Thanksgiving Turkey 2016

Turkey very hot, fresh out of the oven, with sage leaves on top After hours of roasting, she’s ready! Sourcing your turkey Thanksgiving Turkey, 2016: Every Thanksgiving begins with the thought of your bird. Selection, and planning is all part of the process, because for…

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