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Timetable for Roasting a Turkey

Stuffed bird ready for roasting

Turkey fresh out of the oven Roasting Guidelines Timetable for roasting a turkey is the most essential part of preparing and succeeding. Roasting, frying, brining a turkey are all excellent options, but “how long do I cook it” is the looming question. Sadly, it’s always been some sort of mystery, but let’s break it down to a simple science. The information below will hopefully clear up any questions regarding the…

Turkey and Stuffing 2017

The Turkey Details One of the most important things I think for a successful turkey meal, is a high-quality turkey.  We ordered ours, and picked it up 24 hours after slaughter.  It was extremely fresh, and ready to be seasoned, stuffed and baked.  I learned a few years back that once you put your turkey in, keep the oven door closed until the end.  When enough time has passed (based on weight, stuffed, etc), take it out,…

Thanksgiving Turkey 2016

Turkey very hot, fresh out of the oven

Thanksgiving Day Menu Turkey very hot, fresh out of the oven, with sage leaves on top We ordered & picked up our fresh bird from an all organic farm (Wendelinhof) in the neighboring town which raises turkeys. Now our meal was ready to begin.  An American tradition, dating back to the first celebrated Thanksgiving in 1621, which was attended by the two most important breeds in the new world-the demure, white European Pilgrims, and the…

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