A Healthy Snack

Oats with lots of goodness

There’s never a bad time for a healthy snack. It doesn’t matter which way you guide your diet. Be it vegan, organic, or bio-carnivor/omnivor…your snacks should always be healthy.

I find the healthier you eat, the healthier you snack. It’s almost as if a switch turns in your brain, but more times than not, I find myself craving salads, vegetables, legumes…the list goes on. Usually the bummer is that I have to prepare it. Which isn’t a bummer so much, but when the hunger hits, it just hits. If I can’t get my other preferences delivered on time (without washing, cutting, cooking or preparing) I’ll usually reach for a quick, healthy snack like this oat-bowl.

Organize to avoid being hangry!

I know this oat bowl is nothing super special, unique, or self-designed, but I thought it looked too healthy not to mention. By adding hemp seeds, chia seeds, cacao nibs and cinnamon…I’ve just turned an ordinary bowl of oats into one big super-food bowl. A bowl that’s sure to deliver energy, and boost my focusability as well as provide my body with iron, fiber, anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories. All very good to both receive and avoid. In essence, a healthy food choice. I find being a plant-based eater makes me a more-organized person in the kitchen. I’ve had to tap into my abilities to prepare ahead of time and organize well for my meals.

For example, I have all of my seeds, nibs, and nuts that I grind, sitting in individually labeled jars ready for use. Additionally, I find that I”m very often soaking, pressure-cooking, or pureeing my home-cooked beans on a regular basis. Naturally, there’s always a jar of fresh-made hummus and krishna dressing in the fridge ready for use. By keeping the pantry organized, you also keep your dry-goods fresh.

  • cacao nibs. labeled and in a sealed glass jar
  • hanf seeds. labeled and in a sealed glass jar
  • chia seeds. Labeled and in a sealed glass jar
  • Jars filled & labeled

It’s my goal to transfer to a labeled jar what I can, but what isn’t worth transferring (items such as walnuts, cashews and almonds) I keep well sealed and pinned on top. There’s nothing more distasteful than stale nuts. Personally, I love my nuts and seeds, but they better be fresh and crunchy!

Let your healthy lifestyle dominate healthy thoughts. Organize your pantry. Sort your nuts, your seeds, and other options. Keep bag items sealed and fresh, while jarred items in one spot and clearly labeled. Be sure you have hummus and other fresh made dip options to reach for. Let the inspiration move you further and begin assembling yourself a tea closet, which will quickly become an indispensable asset in keeping your family healthy…but more on that later.

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