A Sunday Brunch

Sunday brunch with croissants and rolls
Sunday brunch with croissants and rolls

Sunday Brunch

There are a few reason’s why I love a perfect Sunday brunch. First, the bread options. Rolls, croissants, a special zopf, specialty pasteries such as Latschi, your favorite ‘‘Kanton’s Bread“, assorted quiche options, cinnamon rolls, and numerous other home-made options which can decorate the table, and awaken the senses of those lucky participants invited to your Sunday Brunch table!

Sunday Brunch = Slow Food

The next favorite for me is fresh coffee made the French press method. I know I’m not alone in my love for coffee, and when you have a nice brunch, you get to enjoy coffee, the slow food way. One sip at a time. French press is special-it enhances the taste of coffee 100%

In addition to the wonderful coffee, bread options and home made sweet and savories, I also love to put my home made jellies on the table. What better time to share your labours of summer fruit than at the brunch table! Let’s not forget the value of the egg on Sunday. As various options are offered in this simple little egg. Varying from the omlette option, the scramble, eggs benedict, poached, or sometimes it’s just a simple ‘medium boiled egg‘.

But to make it a bit more special, rev up your menu delights. For me, it sometimes gets a bit too much, but I have yet to have a complaint. Options like french toast, a fritatta, and perhaps some fresh cut meats and cheese. If nothing else, brunch is a great excuse to sit around a nicely dressed table with family and friends to talk, catch up and to drink lots of coffee!

Brunch ideas for planning your next occasion

  • Granola (home-made with coconut, cacao nibs, and nuts)
  • Waffles (made to order) topped with organic maple syrup, & powder sugar
  • Scrambled eggs with fresh Italian sausage
  • Herb roasted potatoes
  • Fresh home-made cinnamon rolls with self-made cream cheese frosting
  • Fresh home-made bread rolls & Croissants
  • Assorted cheese/meat tray
iced cinnamon rolls
iced cinnamon rolls
homemade granola
homemade granola
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