A Table Worth Setting

Table with persimmon and pomegranate
Table with persimmon and pomegranate

I’m not sure how often you’ve told yourself,  “it’s not worth setting a nice table” for mealtime,  but I’m here to say, a table is always worth setting…especially today.  It was a typical November day outside.  Gray, foggy, wet and cold.  The fresh snow from the night before dropped a light powder on the top of the low lying hills, the lake was cold and rough, and there was a  cold wind in the air.  We were deserving of not only a nice warm meal, but a well suited table too.  I decided to cook up a wild venison bolognese.  I used the same recipe from my site just substituted the ground meat for the venison ground meat.  It was spectacular!  So rich,  so amazing , and seasoned to perfection.  I was proud.  It fed the entire group with satisfaction, so much in fact, that we weren’t even bothered by the cold November’s day.
So next time remember…a table is worth setting.


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  1. I love this post and I completely agree!
    Let’s get the trend started again…sitting at a nice table to enjoy meals together.

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