By definition found on the UNESCO website, heritage is:

A tradition passed on from generations which modifies in time

What better way than to incorporate heritage into your families lives.  Recipes=Food=Culture=Heritage.

This website is hopefully  not only an inspiration to you, the user, but to my family as well.  I hope you will find a little bit of extra love, and warmth in my special “heritage recipes”.  Many of these recipes have been passed down 3 generations.  My nonna’s (grandmother’s) twist cookies, my mother’s sauce, my father-in-law’s pasta recipe.  Fried cutlets, a dish I requested almost every birthday meal.

The truth is, food is a passage to our heart and brain.  A spaghetti sauce simmering on the stove brings back memories to me from my Nonni’s tiny little kitchen in her cottage in Anaheim, in her small little kitchen, filled with love and Italian seasoning!  It also reminds me of the holiday’s when my mom would make her sauce for her Risotto on Christmas Eve.

Build your own heritage, share your family recipes for others to enjoy, or feel free to enjoy mine.

All the best success in your kitchen!

My family, my heritage


waiting for the Thanks Giving meal

where the inspiration begins, it sure helps to have a dream kitchen to cook and entertain

My Mom & my inspiration!


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