Rochelle 2004

What can I say that might interest you, the reader?  I am a woman, a mother, a wife, a chief, a maid, a taxi, etc.  You get the picture.  I’m a full time house woman and I hold a lot of job responsibilities in the home.  Being a full time house woman, requires a lot of creativity in the kitchen.  I feel like I’m planning the meal from the time I wake and hear, “what’s for breakfast”, to the time I’m ready to ‘retire’ for the evening and convince the kids to be happy with a bowl of cereal!!!  Luckily they don’t fall for this too often.

This site is a result of my meal planning, and trying to take the norm and seek outside of my comfort zone.  I mostly began this site with the focus on vegetables.  It’s very hard to prepare a vegetable dish that kids will enjoy, but somehow if I followed a recipe from a book, it seemed to please them, very much.  After practicing and preparing the dish several times, it became a natural dish for me to prepare.  Once you reach a level of comfort with vegetables, the possibilities become endless and your imagination can flow.

I love to cook-though I would never call myself a cook.  I love to create-and I love the fact that I cook 1 meal for my family and I don’t have to make a pb & j for a child who can’t stand the food we are eating.  I have raised my kids to love and respect food, and therefore, they have very open minds at mealtime.

As a farm dweller, it was easy to convince and educate the kids that they must eat and love the vegetables that WE just picked from the farm.  I believe if kids know how their food is grown and where their food comes from, their understanding and appreciation will be completely satisfying.

I hope you gain knowledge from these recipes, and really think about where your food comes from-this is the real point.  Food is ever changing-it’s being shipped in, trucked in, flown in, etc…  Let’s put an end to corporate food-seek out your local farmer’s, and support them.  Try signing up for a CSA program in your community, and really push yourself to buy those bunch of beets freshly picked @ your farmer’s stand, ‘cause after all, you have a great recipe to try!

Buon Appétit!


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