All-Clad is All-Right

In order to understand why All-Clad is All right we need to go back a few years. I knew when I got married 25 years ago (1992), that I wanted a pot and pan collection to last me my lifetime.  We were sick of the cheap pots you buy that look so shiny and new, but they last no longer than a few years.  I registered for my ultimate,  the All-Clad collection.  It is a U.S. made product, with U.S. steel and a working plant in Pennsylvania.  That alone should have you sold.  If you need further prompting, maybe my personal experience will nudge you along.

No on non-stick

In 2006, we made the commitment to go all organic.  That meant everything.  Cleaning up our lifestyle as we discovered went beyond groceries, and it seeped into our cooking ware options.  I had opted for the All-Clad non-stick collection which had the ever popular DuPont non-stick feature.  In 2003, the DuPont company had settled a claim over $300 million dollars, admitting that it had poisoned it’s near by water supplies from the run-off chemicals from their non-stick chemical production.  The chemicals used in the non-stick process are PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid), which have a multitude of harmful side effects to humans and environment.  For me, my non-stick had to go…but I had invested so much into my pots and pans, it sickened me thinking about this.

stock pots, and sauce pots all over 25 years old, with a lifetime of use!

Writing can Help!

I wrote the company, telling them that my young family and I had decided to “clean up our lifestyle”. That included tossing all the non-stick anything I had.  I asked them if they would by chance help me out. Thus far I had loved my All-Clad, but I had no choice but to get rid of them.  All-Clad did a very stand up thing, which has kept me a customer of theirs for more than 25 years.  They took back all my used, non-stick pots and pans, and replaced them with the normal cookware, for FREE.  I was amazed, impressed, in awe that a company of this size would honor and respect my health and lifestyle choices. They really went the extra mile and replaced all my cookware, this is unheard of.

So, if you are in the market for an excellent set of pots, pans, appliances, accessories…choose something that will last. Make sure it is made and forged in the U.S., and who has superior customer service practices….of course, choose All-Clad!

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