angelica with her big red stalks
angelica with her big red stalks

Herb – Angelica

The Angelica root, breaks up concentrated areas of water, phlegm, and blood. Opens lung and skin. Used also in sweat sauna on rocks to open sweat pores, release perspiration & supports sebaceous glands, remedy against contagious diseases. Excellent in treating lymphatic and enlarged glands in neck & aids in liver function. Good for menstrual cramping, vertigo, fatigue. As an oil, aids in cartilage repair, nerve sheaths and skin. Good at stopping smoking and drinking problems. Burning the root and inhaling the fumes aid in relaxation the mind and deep dreaming. When harvesting angelica from the wild it is very important to be sure that the right species is harvested. Some species in the same plant family are very poisonous, such as giant hogweed and water hemlock and can easily be mistaken for Angelica.


High/low blood pressure, influenza, chills, migraine, menses, prostate, arthritis, muscular cramps, bruises, fever, heart, increases urination, seasonal allergies/asthma.


Roots to be cut lengthwise and then dried. The roots should be dried at no more than 35 ºC. Since the dried roots readily absorb moisture (hygroscopic), they must be stored in closed or air-tight containers. Then used in tea overnight (1 tsp. ground root + 1C water overnight) Drink in morning before meal. Dried roots burned for mental and spiritual affect.
Do not take during pregnancy!

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