Anise Seed

anise flower
anise flower

Herb – Anise Seed – Pimpinella anisum

These Anise seeds are best known to aid in digestion issues. Cures bloating in stomach and intestines, comforts bowels. Improves a sluggish digestion, lack of appetite. Extremely effective in breaking up phlegm, clearing bronchial tubes, asthma, barking coughs, mild pain reliever. The plant can grow to be over three feet tall and produces white flowers as well as an oblong fruit known as anise seed.


Migraine, mucus buildup, tickle in throat, whooping cough, pneumonia, asthma, hard coughs, bronchitis, hiccough, emphysema, digestion
Gallstones, colic, cholera, poor urination, cramping, low libido, increases milk lactation, increases perspiration and treats epilepsy.


Fresh ground seeds, simmered in pint of water (4oz. seeds + 1pt. Water) steep for 10 min. Drink slowly 1x day for 3 weeks.
Do not take during pregnancy.

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