basil in bloom
basil in bloom

Basil: Good in colds, flu, acute respiratory conditions, removing mucous from lungs, removes toxins from bloodstream, liver and intestines and spleen. Removes toxic compounds stored in body fat. Can remove heavy metals, detoxify cannabis from body. Treats insomnia, increases alertness upon rising. Improves bone and connective tissue healing, promotes menses, and improves sex drive.
Treats: headache, earache, poor eyesight, head cold, sinus issues, fever, allergy, accumulation in the lungs (croup, asthma, whooping cough), gas, broken bones, rheuma, fever w/ chills, snake bites, insect bites fungal lesions on skin, heavy metal toxicity.
Usage: Harvest mature flower head. 1C. Boiling water over 1tsp. Of herb. Steep for 15 min.

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