Beef Burger Kraut Style

Source:  The world! cir; 2000’s

Before we get to the Beef Burger Kraut Style lets talk about the Beef Burgers. Beef Burgers, as we American’s call them, have a rich history indeed, and to many this will be a surprise when they learn that America’s best loved meal was not an American discovery, but rather a German one.  As the story goes,  in the 1850’s, a ship line named  the ‘German-Hamburg Amerikan Line’ would bring Germans and other European’s over to the new world. The cheapest meal they could offer their passengers was  “hamburger steaks” as they were known as.  The meat was cheap, and to keep it preserved, often smoked ahead of the journey.  This ‘hamburger steak’ was a popular dish among the Jewish immigrants, and they continued to prepare this dish when they arrived and began to live in America.

White Table Cloth Burgers

Yes, I’d say in many ways, this hamburger steak has morphed over the years and has been down-grated of sorts, but I think that was mostly was due to the fast-food industry and the invention of the white hamburger bun!  Today, burgers are returning to somewhat of a delicacy.  You can find yourself a fancy steak burger in most any white-table cloth steak house,  to be accompanied by house made sauces, alternative vegetables, and nice fresh herbs added to this once, dull mix.

As I’ve mentioned before, I live in Switzerland at the moment.  Not too long ago, Switzerland announced the coming of a brand new, very alternative burger, only this burger was to be made with insects!  It’s a growing trend here, one which I have yet to try…but it’s still available for purchase in select grocery stores. I guess it’s one way of getting yourself off beef, and onto insect! But, I’ve also noticed in the markets and butchers here that most hamburger patties are pre-formed and pre-made.

All different Kind of Burgers

This leads me to believe that many European’s are still not to familiar with our good old American burger traditions.  Well, I’m here to show you just how simple it is.  Be inspired to create your piece of burger history.  Create and name your combinations.  Do you fancy the “Kraut-Burger” which could be a burger topped with warm or cold Sauer-Kraut.  Or is it the “Mushroom Burger” that is topped with oodles of deliciously sauteed shrooms.  Go seasonal-for summer, make it the “Guacamole Burger”, or the “Zucchini Burger”.  Are you feeling the inspiration yet?  The possibilities are quite endless here.   Don’t be conned into thinking that you need to buy your patty pre-made and formed!  That thought quite surprises me.

Beef Burger

Follow my easy suggestions and let yourself get reacquainted with an American (or German/Jewish) classic.   
Course 2 Main Course
Cuisine American
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 5


  • 1 lb ground meat or grind your own as I talked about earlier
  • 1 small egg acts as a binder
  • 2 to 3 TBS herbs fresh or dried oregano, sage and rosemary
  • 1/3 cup bread crumbs acts as a binder
  • 2 to 3 pinches salt
  • 2 to 3 pinches pepper


  • In a small to medium metal bowl, combine your ingredients-everything together
  • use your hands to mix and mash together until well combined and everything seems to stick.  If the mixture feels too moist, add more bread crumbs, but not too much. 
  • Form your patty’s to the desired size.  It might help to know what size bun you will use, thus not making them to large or to small. 
  • Get a medium size frying pan for the cooking process, or throw on a grill.  Either way, cook the patty to your specification.  Do you like it more rare?  Then don’t go longer than 4 minutes on each side.  For a but more well done, about 5-6 minutes.  You should determine if it’s cooked by pressing down on the cooked patty while on the grill or in the pan.  Be sure the juices that come out are clear and not bloody. 
  • Prepare your condiments.  Anything goes, but somethings are a must.  For us, we like lettuce (either iceberg or a butter leaf), onion (preferably red!) and a tomato.  If I happen to have sprouts, or avocado, then they are added too.  Accompany with french fries, or in this case, I made a cole-slaw salad and some fresh made red sauerkraut. 
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