Birthday Meal, for a Vintage Guy

original typewriter recipe
original typewriter recipe

Birthday’s in my house are meant to be special. We usually make it special with a special birthday meal, and for this occasion it was special indeed. My husband was turning 52, and his special meal request was that from his father’s, “Pasta alla Guido“. This is a lovely recipe that has a Swiss flair to it. Guido (father-in-law) was a man who loved life. He was large, loved food, and loved to cook. Upon his few visits to us in the U.S., food was always the topic. I learned whatever I could from him, and this recipe stuck with me.

Cooking with Spirit

Today was the day I would work with Guido in spirit to make his son a lovely birthday meal. As I took out the hand-typed recipe, I really tried to immerse myself in it.  I diced my onions finely, added the garlic, picked the herbs fresh from my garden, added the bacon (speck), wine, bouillon, and all the other ingredients, and let this lovely pot of sauce simmer for hours.  It thickened up so beautifully, and had such a depth, I felt as if my father-in-law was there helping me prepare it.  Sometimes, this website is all about creating or linking the connection between food and life.  Creating great moments through the help of food.  Creating lasting memories, so you can hear your friends and family say, “I still remember that pasta sauce from 20 years ago!”.  That my dear friends, are the words I love to hear!

Happy Birthday, Marcel!

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