Brezel Laugenbrot
Brezel, Laugenbrot

They call this beauty the Brezel, or the beer pretzel.  It’s named after the tradition of enjoying this along with a nice pint of beer, and some mustard.  I mean, delicious.  This “little” baked item has the potential to bring full happiness to anyone who sinks their teeth into this.  The loose translation of this type of bread is called “lye-bread”. (It’s shiny brown finish, with soft airy dough on the inside) Because the dough after you form it, is painted or dipped into a food-grade sodium hydroxide solution. (Also called a lye solution, basically baking soda)  I have no idea how they ever figured this one out. But let’s bow to the men and women who developed one of the finest breads around! 

Lye Bread, Pretzel or Brezel

We happened to stumble into this little fine bakery about 20 minutes from our home, to find they serve these up on a daily basis, but reserve the extra large ones for Saturday’s.  We special order them whenever desired, because if you don’t get there @ opening time (6:30 a.m.), then you can pretty much guarantee, they will be sold out.  Size wise, this is about 2 hands or so.  The cost for one is around CHF 6 and if you are consuming it for breakfast (where beer is not yet appropriate), then it’s nice to slice it in half, and eat it with butter and some jelly.

If your mouth isn’t watering now, it should be!  This is a damn good bread experience that I wish everyone could enjoy at least one time in their life!

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