Brown Sugar by You!

Brown Sugar

Brown sugar has been a part of our lives since Columbus brought it back from his travels in the 1400's.  By the mid 1500's, sugar was a must in the then, 'modern lives' of people who discovered it's ability to enhance baked goods.  Over the centuries of sugar production, taking the brown out became a more popular option.  In time, white sugar was preferred to brown and slowly the brown became an obsolete product.  We wizened up over the years though, and we've become to realize that white, refined, processed sugar is what brings us the ills in life.  It's not only an extremely unhealthy, overly used ingredient, but it's extremely empty in nutritional value.  In truth though, brown sugar never lost its place in the baking world.  In addition to it's balanced mineral content, brown sugar is a moist product that when used in baking, passes along  moisture to the results in baking.   In Europe, I've found it nearly impossible to find organic brown sugar.  I've simply lived with out it since living here, but have been less than thrilled with, for example, my chocolate chip cookie results.  There's got to be a way to find it here, other than smuggling it back in my suit cases after a visit to the America's!  Yes, there is indeed a very easy solution to this, and sadly, it's taken me 7 long years to discover it.  Make it myself!  I researched this possibility and found it to be stupidly easy.  Two ingredients, yes, sugar is one, and molasses is another.  When you make these realizations, you can't help but feel that your deserving of a brow beating for being so commercialized in your thinking.  Don't beat yourself up if you are like me in realizing that you don't need C & H to produce it for you.  The other bit of light in this dark discovery is that you can also produce your own brown sugar with out a plastic bag to store it in!  Yes, that's less plastic bag floating around the ocean waiting to be eaten by a whale!  Is this a big step in the environmental direction?  I think so.  Let's say it's one step further from your dependency on corporate America or corporate whom-ever, and one big step for MAN.  As you'll discover, sugar is just the beginning of 'do-it-yourself' ideas.    From making your own coffee cream (with out the plastic throw-away bottle), to your own pancake mix (dodging another plastic bag dependency), we can be the change we want to be!  Make Gandhi proud.  Be the change.  More and more, begin to think and ask, "can I make this myself?"  I think you'll see, the answer is more and more....YES, you can! 
I know, it's only brown sugar, but I think it's a sweet step in the right (or left) direction. 
Course Side Dish
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes


  • 500 grams raw sugar organic is always best
  • 2 to 3 TBS Black strap molasses


  • You can approach this recipe with the aid of a kitchen aid mixer.  I put the sugar in the mixer with a metal blade, then using a large ceramic spoon drizzle the molasses into the sugar as it spins.  Let the mixer run for a good few minutes.  Stop, then use a wooden spoon to mix it up further.  You might get a few dark lumps of sugar, but that's ok.  The process gets better, the more you do it.  
  • Pack the sugar, and store in a sealed container.
  • and throw a label on it


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