Calendula, bright orange in my garden
Calendula, bright orange in my garden

Calendula: A warming herb, topical dressing for wounds, sores, burns and infections. Internal usage for swollen glands unresolved infections, lymphatic cleansing, soothes digestive mucosa, promotes the period, prevents sickness in winter or an immune tonic.
Treats: wounds w/ puss, burns, sun burns, bites, bruises, good for cat scratch. Prevents scar tissue during healing process, drainage. Promotes sweating in fevers, and relieves menstrual cramps. Bronchitis, deep cough, mucus, puffy tongue, gum disease, hemorrhoids, mouth ulcers, vomiting, diarrhea, viral hepatitis, sluggish liver, vaginal wall irritated, vaginal discharge, skin issues, scars.
Usage: flowers collected and dried. Used for teas and tinctures.

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