Cannabis Oil

cannabis plant
cannabis plant

Cannabis Oil

If there is an herb of the god’s, it would be Cannabis.  It’s been around since the inception of time.  It’s been smoked, burned, boiled, infused.  We use it to aid in medical healing, treating specific medical problems, it assists with those suffering from PTSD, cataract, seizures, depression, and general overall good health.  These days, it’s not a big deal to grow your own plant.  Most states and countries recognize it’s medical benefits, the harm comes when you are growing this plant/weed to sell it.

For the past 10 years, I’ve experimented with a few different growing methods, always starting from seed, and watching the plant transform into a bush of spectacular.  This is by no means, a post to promote the endless uses of cannabis, but rather to show you how to make your own infused oil, and tincture.

Making the oil

I’m approaching this method with the same method that I use when dealing with my herbs from the garden.  For example, if I want to make an oil of St. John’s Wort, (great for treating stings, insect bites, or sun burns) then I dry the flowers, soak them in a jar with olive oil, close the lid and let it do it’s magic in the sun for a week or two.  Same with a tincture.  When I opt to make a tincture of Rudda (for sore muscles), I get a vodka (40-+% alcohol), put the lid on tight, and put it in a dark cupboard for a few months, with an occasional shake.

For my cannabis oil, I took the ‘shake’ from the plant which included small leaves with crystal coatings, as well as the very small buds and I collected them.  I laid them out to dry, then pressed them into a tight jar with coconut oil.  I screwed the lid, then put it in the sun for a month or so.  You can strain the liquid, or you can access the oil with a dropper.  I choose to add 2 dropper full amounts to a nice English tea, accompanied with a bit of milk and sugar.

The effects?  Very mild.  I’d recommend this procedure for a sleeping aid, relieving headache, and a good over all mind opener.  There is plenty of research which has proven this herb as a healer, as well as a preventative to ill health.  Do your own research, and form your own opinion.  In my opinion, this is an herb NOT to miss out on.  Grow well, mix well, and live well.

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