Canton Breads

Swiss Bread: Bündner Roggenbrot

lovely ring of bread The Ring Lots of hard work went into to locating our Bundner Roggenbrot. This is an ...
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Swiss Bread: Solothurner Brot

Solothurner Brot shows the bread oozing out during the baking process The Solothurner bread is also quite special. But first ...
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Swiss Bread: Berner Brot

Berner bread - another beautiful angle The next featured bread from the Swiss Bread's is the Berner Brot. Bern is ...
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Aargauer bread, the shape is determines the taste

Swiss Bread: Aargauer Brot

Aargauer bread, the shape is determines the taste Swiss Aargauer bread is our neighboring canton, and sadly, this bread was ...
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Luzerner Bread

Swiss Bread: Luzerner Brot

Luzerner bread The Luzerner Weggen bread. Truely a delight to both the eye, and the mouth. The Weggen, is one ...
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Swiss bread from Basel

Swiss Bread: Basler Brot

Swiss bread from Basel The "Basler Brot" also called "Basler Laibli" was made popular in the 1940's, but the recipe ...
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Swiss Bread: Tessiner Brot

comparing the bread from the bakery and the supermarket Quite possibly, one of my favorite breads! For my family, this ...
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St.Galler bread

Swiss Bread: St.Galler Brot

Beautiful St.Galler bread This St.Galler bread is one of our family favorites. It could be a sense of homage, because ...
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