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Best Places in California to visit!

I know, not my typical post, but I have a number of people who I know, that love to visit the Golden State.  Seems California is number one for a travel destination…so why not see California like a local!  Things you must do when in Northern California, but would only know this if you are …

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Thanksgiving Day Menu

We ordered & picked up our fresh bird from an all organic farm(Wendelinhof) in the neighboring town which raises turkeys. Now our meal was ready to begin.  An American tradition, dating back to the first celebrated Thanksgiving in 1621, which was attended by the two most important breeds in the new world-the demure, white European …

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Swiss Bread: Chapter 5 “Basler Brot”

The ‘Basler Brot’ also called “Basler Laibli” was made popular in the 1940’s, but the recipe was first found in the late 1700’s in an old  baking journal.   This bread is also one of the few Swiss breads made with  a starter-that is a special mixture of dough left out overnight to grow and enrich …

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