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How Food Inspires our Purposeless Walks

It’s hard to imagine such old beauty, both in the natural sense and in the man-made form.  It was a cold winter afternoon in February, when my daughter, my dog and myself decided to grip winter by the hands and see exactly what she had to offer.  The walk began after we took our bus …

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Quick Herbed Potatoes

Quick Herbed Potatoes:  cir. 2000 This is a quick update on an old idea.  If you’re pressed for time, or wanting to get a meal in the oven, on the table asap, never forget about the power of the potato.  This recipe took me about 5 minutes to prepare.  Take your potato and simply cut …

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Fresh Ground Meat

Fresh ground meet The birth of the first meat grinder took place in Germany around 1800.  The first grinder was obviously a hand-crank device that  lead to the inspiration and discovery of peanut paste, which later became the popular peanut butter in America (one of our greatest loves!).  The inspiration for getting my Kitchen-aid grinder …

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