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Basic Pound Cake

My Mothers Way This is my mother’s version of the pound cake, and is more than likely the most basic cake around. The top reason for me making this cake is not just the basic notes, but you don’t have to worry about a frosting. In other words, the pound cake is a very formal …

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Blitz Torte

I wish I had not used black and white in this photo for the Blitz Torte. However, I was making this cake for my husband on his birthday, and my theme was “vintage”. I will do this cake many more times, and next time, I’ll take the pictures in color. I love this cake, and …

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Aunt Beatty’s Chocolate Cake

Source: Ina Garten I’m not sure about the story on Ina Garten’s, Aunt Beatty’s Chocolate Cake, but I’m sure it’s a memorable tale. There are a few specialties in this recipe that make it a cake not to forget. There is both added coffee in the cake batter, and in the icing. However, the chocolate …

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