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Ina’s “Aunt Beatie’s Chocolate Cake”

Beatie’s Chocolate Cake Print Recipe Beatie’s Chocolate Cake I’m not sure the story on Ina’s, Aunt Beaties Cake, but I’m sure it’s a memorable tale.  There are a few specialties in this recipe that make it a cake not to forget.  There is both added coffee in the cake batter, and in the icing, however, …

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Lemon Cake/Zitronenkuchen

Summer Lemon Cake   Print Recipe Summer Lemon Cake I pulled this recipe from a local Swiss cookbook, which means the origin is Swiss.  France, Italy, Germany and Switzerland,  the countries that border one another, and too, share the love of lemons.  Swiss often put lemon zest in their cookies, the French love to bake, …

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Poppy Pendle’s Lemon Bars

Print Recipe Poppy Pendle’s Lemon Bars The most amazing lemon bar ever!  My daughter is into the book series, “The Power of Poppy Pendle”, it’s a book about a young girl who loves to bake, but she’s also blessed (or cursed) with the power of witchcraft.  At the end of this book is an accumulation …

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