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Marble Bunt Cake

Source:  Beerli Family,  cir. 1970’s. Childhood cake For over 25 years my husband and I married in California. He brought to our marriage many things, kitchen talents wasn’t one of them. However, he did bring along an amazing cook book from his childhood. In this cookbook is the one and only thing he can make …

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Vully Cream Pie

Source:  Swiss Cookbook 1950’s The Vully Cream pie The Vully Cream pie is delicious, light and very french in flavor. This recipe, though not a heritage recipe in my family, is an original from the French Kanton,Valais in Switzerland. For those who know the Bourdaloue Tart, you might find a resemblance. There are a few …

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Biscuit Roll with Whip Cream and Fresh Fruit

Source:  sister-in-law (Beerli) cir.  2000’s My sister-in-law in Switzerland made this biscuit roll with whip cream and fresh fruit and brought it over to my house. My mom was visiting at the time, and she and I both agreed after tasting this, we must learn this recipe. It was light, very full of taste and …

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