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Biscuit Roll with Whip Cream and Fresh Fruit

Source:  sister-in-law (Beerli) cir.  2000’s Print Recipe Biscuit Roll with Whip Cream and Fresh Fruit My sister-in-law in Switzerland made this cake and brought it to my house. My mom was visiting at the time, and she and I both agreed after tasting this, we must learn this recipe. It was light, very full of …

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Flourless Carrot Cake (and no butter too)

Source:  German food website 2011 Print Recipe Flourless Carrot Cake I’m the kind of person who always has an abundance of carrots on hand.  I usually have 2 large bags in my weekly “bio-box” , so I’m always thinking how to use the carrot!  I was on the hunt for a not-so typical carrot cake, …

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Italian Plum Cake (Zwetschgenkuchen)

Source: Marcel; cir.1990 Print Recipe Plum Cake End of summer is the usual time for this delicious cake.  It’s made from one type of plum, known as the Italian Plum, or the Zwetschgen.  It’s a very popular German tradition to make this Zwetschgenkuchen with the crumble (streussel).  Luckily, our small farm orchard came with an …

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