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Herbs lead to teas, tinctures, illness & cure


Yarrow:   Widely used in herbal medicine, the yarrow plant is both antiseptic and an anti-inflammatory.  This herb has been used through the world for over 100,000 years. Historically, this was used in ancient times during war and injuries on soldiers both due to it’s antiseptic properties and blood properties for clotting and healing.  Yarrow  is …

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A Bouquet Fit for a Duchess

My inspiration for picking today spurred from the lovely natural bouquet the new Duchess of Sussex (Megan Markel) carried for her wedding.  Her bouquet was simple, white, willowy and looked as if it was picked fresh from her lavish sunken garden.  Though some of that assumption is true, I found my bouquet in the forest.  …

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Cannabis Oil

Cannabaceae is the herb of the god’s.  It’s been around since the inception of time.  It’s been smoked, burned, boiled, infused.  We use it to aid in medical healing, treating specific medical problems, it assists with those suffering from PTSD, cataract, seizures, depression, and general overall good health.  These days, it’s not a big deal …

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