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Cannabis Oil

Cannabaceae is the herb of the god’s.  It’s been around since the inception of time.  It’s been smoked, burned, boiled, infused.  We use it to aid in medical healing, treating specific medical problems, it assists with those suffering from PTSD, cataract, seizures, depression, and general overall good health.  These days, it’s not a big deal …

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First Bloom

Lungwort is one of those amazing herbs I read about, but missed the growing season (2017).  When I read about it last year in my herbal bible, “The Earthwise Herbal” by Matthew Wood, Pulmonaria officinalis (lungwort) was said to be an original in the pulmonary health.  Found originally throughout Europe, lungwort is said to be …

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Fall’s Best Tea

Source:  Me; cir. 2015 This inspiration arrived when I got my first bulb of fresh, fresh ginger. “Tea” I thought.  Luckily, this thought coincided with my Fall Fest-this could be a nice unique drink to offer, but I thought to serve it chilled.  It could definitely compliment the menu (chili & cornbread).  So I gave …

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