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European Goldenrod Herb – solidago virgaurea

European Goldenrod (solidago virgaurea)

Herbs Chapter 2: Goldenrod Goldenrod arrived on the shores of Europe around the 1700’s. The European goldenrod quickly became a most respected go-to herb for it’s amazing healing benefits, and became widely used by many herbal practicing communities. Roots of Goldenrod herb Native to North America, goldenrod was well known and often used by the …

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Lemon Verbena

Lemon Verbena fresh picked

Herbs Chapter 1: Lemon Verbena I have Spain to thank for bringing this lovely herb back to the shores of Europe, upon it’s discovery in South America in the early 1600’s.  Lemon Verbena, one of my favorite herbs grown in my un-kept herbal garden.  I’ve given pickings of this herb to various friends, and when …

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Cannabis Oil

Cannabis is the herb of the god’s.  It’s been around since the inception of time.  It’s been smoked, burned, boiled, infused.  We use it to aid in medical healing, treating specific medical problems, it assists with those suffering from PTSD, cataract, seizures, depression, and general overall good health.  These days, it’s not a big deal …

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